Friday, December 10, 2010

A short film made of our studio building during art walk...

I didn't announce December's First Thursday art walk because I wasn't planning on attending. I was pretty tired and needed a break. The studio would be open, my paintings would be shown and it would be tended to by my studio mates but this would have been the very first art walk since I obtained the studio in August 2007 that I would miss.

At the last minute I changed my mind...and ended up staying later than normal and not locking our space until 10:30 pm. It was a full four hours of again, wonderful conversations and good energy. What I totally forgot about what the film maker who came in and asked for permission to film the work. That is, until I received an email this evening with his completed little film.

Omar Taboada video is a beautiful piece that not only highlights some of the energy in the 619 Western Arts building on First Thursday, but he made it magical.

Check out the lovely 10 minute video. It gives a good sense of our building during the Pioneer Square art walk, which was the first art walk in the country. And, if interested, my viaduct paintings are featured at the 5 minute mark.

Omar's website is at
Thanks Omar!


Susan Tillitt said...

Loved the video! I think you may be in my old studio, if yours is the one with the dancing bunny over the door. I made that! That was the best studio in the building, hope you're enjoying it immensely. I'm very sorry to read that the building may be torn down.

Marie Gagnon said...

Hi Susan,

I apologize for the delay in responding. Thank you so much for writing. Yes, I am in your old studio and have always loved that bunny. We wondered who made it. Thank you so much!