Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This weekend!

Come delight in good company, enjoy noshy bits and beverage, revel in the little hot pink feather tree and see what I've been working on. I will also have many paintings for sale between $25 & $100.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Death and Rebirth -

I have been reading up on all the devastation Sandy left in her wake. So many stories. So much heartbreak.

Some of the stories that struck me involved artists…not only the damage to all the galleries, but more importantly, the studios and therefore years of work destroyed.

It begged the question "what if it happened to me?" I realized that it would hurt more to lose my creations than my personal belongings such as clothes, furniture, books, camera, etc.

A common theme in my life, but one especially brought to the forefront by the recent storm, probably because of my proximity to affected areas, is impermanence.

I always have paintings that I hold onto because of emotional attachment. They may not all be successful work but they have moments that keep me connected such as subject, color or paint handling. But when I would look at them I believed they would be wonderful grounds for new paintings. And yet I didn't have the heart to touch them.

Sandy demonstrated to me that it is crazy to hold on to something that I know can evolve into something greater.

So what have I been doing this week?

Painting over paintings I never thought I'd touch. It feels good.

Here are some before and after photos from this past week's post-Sandy painting frenzy. I'm using a new medium with the oils and it is taking far longer for the paint to dry. It will be at least a week before I can touch these again.

On Thursday I reworked my Jill painting which I loved because of the light, the idea…and was totally infatuated with how the big cat was painted. It's 30"x40". Oil on canvas.



On Friday I took the plunge and went into my beloved Sophia Room painting. It was a very emotional experience. That space was my solace and my home. The painting is 60"x30". Oil on canvas.



On Saturday I touched a painting that had been featured almost full page in the March 2011 issue of Seattle Magazine. Again, I loved the light and the geometry. But it was time. This painting is 36"x36". Oil on canvas.